Kinetic Analysis of Human Gait using Different Types of Footwear as Design Input for Activity based Prosthetic Foot

Neelesh Kumar, Gautam Sharma, Sahiba Sahi, Venkateswarlu Gaddam, Amod Kumar, and Balwinder S. Sohi


Ground Reaction Force, Prosthetics, Footwear


Recent trends emphasize the use of kinetic analysis (GRF, COP) of human gait for prosthetic development. These analysis help in designing and performance quantification of device specifically lower limb prosthetics. Footwear used plays an important role in normal gait. The effect of footwear was a topic of biomechanics research. The paper evaluates the effect of footwear (heeled and cushioned) in normal walking of individuals. The findings are used as a design input parameters for a development of new prosthetic foot and quantification of indigenously developed electronic knee.

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