Optimal Multi-Loop PI Controllers for the Multivariable Systems

Xian Hong Li, Hai Bin Yu, and Ming Zhe Yuan


Optimal multiloop PI controller, MIMO systems, control weight, NLCO problem


This paper focuses on the design method of optimal multi-loop proportional integral (PI) controllers for the multiple inputs and multiple outputs (MIMO) systems via using Lyapunov theorems. The design problem of optimal multi-loop PI controller is transformed into a nonlinear constraint optimization (NLCO) problem. The optimal multi-loop PI controller parameters are obtained from solving the NLCO problem. The design method is used to devise the multi-loop optimal PI controller for different types of MIMO plants, and the optimal multi-loop PI controller under different control weight is also given too. The performances and robustness of different multi-loop PI controller’s tuning methods are studied. The computer simulation results are presented to demonstrate the design method’s effectiveness and optimal MIMO PI controller’s better performance and robustness.

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