Event-based Control for a Second Order Continuous System

Dario Amaya, João M. Rosário, and Deivy J. Mayorquin


Event-based control systems, PI event controller, Discrete-time systems.


Traditionally, modern industrial control systems tend to be implemented using digital platforms, therefore it is necessary the discretization of systems, which is done mostly through a temporal discretization, reaching the so-called discrete-time systems, which evaluates the change of system variables synchronously in specific instants of time. However, in this type of discretization, there is the difficulty of evaluating changes in the signal between samples. This is where the event-based control, which performs an asynchronous discretization, becomes a promising tool in applications requiring a low computational cost. In this work we make a comparative analysis of discrete-time control, based on Euler's method to perform discretization and event-based control. We present a case study based on the simulation of a discrete-time control and an event-based control, applied to a second-order system.

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