An Integrated Equipment Monitoring and Control System for Urban Rail Transit Network

Jialiang Zhang, Jianguo Yang, Hua Zhang, and Hu Zhou


Resource management, Embedded system, Transport Protocols, Human-computer interfaces


Based on the analysis of monitoring systems of constructed lines in Shanghai rail transit, the monitoring and control system of station equipments in networking urban rail transit is studied in this paper. An integrated equipment monitoring and control system for urban rail transit network based on embedded technology is presented to realize information resource sharing of station equipments in the rail transit network operation. On the basis of maintaining invariable framework of station equipments to the full extent, the embedded front-end processor as well as monitoring and control platform is designed and developed to realize resource sharing and information interflow between different equipments in multiple lines, to improve the safety of the station equipment and to reduce construction and operating costs effectively. Experiments indicated that the embedded monitoring and control platform can integrate various isomerism equipments effectively and accurately.

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