An Approach in Designing a News Engine for Local News Agencies

Arbana Kadriu


News engine, News aggregator, Information retrieval, Web application


The web is one of the most fast moving technology areas today. With this rapid development of the web, online news reading have been the one of the most import activities for internet users. The use of news aggregators, through the use of RSS feeds, has become extremely widespread recently – volumes of new software resource have been created to view these news feeds through a downloadable reader which make it possible to monitor and read these streams of news. But, as it is always the case with the new technologies, there is a delay in using this new machinery by a wide audience. This is so mainly for two reasons: 1) the news aggregators are still a new subject which is unknown to most of the (non IT) web users, and 2) not all news agencies have put into practice the use of RSS feeds. The research presented in this paper is about a web-based news engine for “gathering” locally spread news, in a local language adapting different methods from the information retrieval area.

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