A JAUS-Compliant Test-Bed for Unmanned Vehicle Systems with Smartphone as Communication Media

Joel Morrah, Ho-Kyeong Ra, Jie Sheng, and Sam Chung


Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems, Unmanned Vehicles , JAUS-Compliant Test-Bed, Smart Phones, JAUS


The United States Congress has mandated that 30% of all military vehicles must be Unmanned Vehicles (UVs) by 2015. One major roadblock is that most UVs are not able to communicate with each other since manufacturers use proprietary communication standards. Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems, in short, JAUS, is a new communication standard that allows for interoperability between UVs regardless of manufacturers, hardware platforms, and programming languages. In this paper, we will present a JAUS-compliant test-bed for UVs developed at UW, Tacoma. The test-bed was created with two Android Smart Phones, and a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot, which uses JAUS messages for the communication between the Smart Phones, to investigate the implementation of JAUS for interoperability between UVs.

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