The Algorithm of Locomotion of Fault Adjustment of Hexapod Robot by using Hardware Redundancy

Sajad Moradian, Karim Mohammadi, Mohssen H. Kaiedan, and Mehdi Moradian


Hexapod robot, fault adjustment, hardware redundancy, self-adjustment


In this article, a new algorithm of fault recovery in a hexapod robot, accomplished through hardware redundancy, will be proposed. By implementing an extra joint in each of the robot’s legs, it is possible to adjust the robot following a fault in order to continue locomotion. In this article all sequences of walking after a fault, both before and after the extra joints have been implemented, are shown using a simulation. In addition, the sequences of locomotion and post-fault adjustments are expressed in a flowchart. Finally the sequences of using hardware redundancy in a hexapod robot are justified and reasons to use this method will be explained.

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