Hybrid Approach for Single Image Super Resolution using ISEF and IBP: Specific Reference to License Plate

Vaishali B. Patel, Chintan K. Modi, Chirag N. Paunwala, and Suprava Patnaik


License plate recognition, Super resolution, IBP, ISEF


In this paper, a hybrid approach of single image super resolution of vehicle license plate is proposed. It is based on Iterative back projection (IBP) method combined with the edge preserving Infinite symmetrical exponential filter (ISEF). Though IBP can minimize the reconstruction error significantly in iterative manner and gives good result, it suffers from ringing effect and chessboard effect because error is back-projected without edge guidance. ISEF provides edge-smoothing image by adding high frequency information. Proposed algorithm integrates ISEF with IBP which improves visual quality with very fine edge details. Simulation results show that proposed algorithm not only improves the visual quality compared to other algorithms including bilinear interpolation, nearest neighbor interpolation and Laplacian of Gaussian filter but also improves PSNR considerably.

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