Optimized Scheme for Backhauling Communication in Relay Enhanced LTE

Jianke Fan


RN, CC, LTE, band splitting scheme., inband, outband


This paper provides an improved scheme over inband Relay node (RN) at carrier component (CC) aggregation scenario. In the scheme an aggregated band C2 at eNB is configured for two different communications at eNB so that the backhaul link and evolved NodeB (eNB) access link are scheduled on the split bands separately. One part of the band would function as an additional guard band between the communication of RN backhaul link and accesslink. This scheme is expected with the following advantages such as reducing RN data forwarding delay, no need to reuse Multi-Media Broadcast over a Single Frequency Network (MBSFN) subframes for relaying, eliminating problems of losing Hybrid Automatic Repeat ReQuest (HARQ) information at inband RN, increasing the capacity due to full duplex operation and decreasing interference between bands of backhaul and access links. The results indicate that with proposed band splitting scheduling scheme an improved relay performance can be attained. In case 1, RN=4, and UE=25 per cell, simulation results show scenario 3 has the optimized performance at 5% tile user throughput and 50% user throughput.

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