Induced Voltages on Aerial Natural Gas Pipeline due to Lightning Interaction with 132 kV Double-Circuit Transmission Line

David Caulker, Hussein Ahmad, and Zulkurnain Abdul-Malek


Backflashover, transmission line, gas pipeline, induced voltage.


A previous investigation [1] was carried out to determine the voltages induced on a gas pipe line due to the interaction of multiple lightning strokes on the tower of a 132 kV line. The pipeline was 1 m above ground and the induced voltage on the pipe was shown to be more severe in comparison to the induced voltages associated with single lightning stroke. This is paper further improves the previous study by considering variations of other parameters such as : distance of the pipe from tower, and height above ground in addition to variation of soil resistivity, tower footing resistance and peak current. Further analysis was also performed to assess the voltages on the tower relating to backflashover. As well analytical comparison of the pipeline induced voltage was executed to verify the simulation results. A result obtained from the analytical estimation is 179.2 V which is almost equal to the value of 179.6 obtained during the simulation.

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