Methods & Application of Evaluation Modeling of Multi-Project and Multi-Attribute Decision Making

Jicai Wei, Nuanchen Wang, Tingguang Ren, Jing Zhang, and Qiang Li


Application, Criteria, Decision making, Evaluation


Multi-project and multi-attribute decision making can be characterized as a process of overall coordination and optimization. Through the application analysis of decision making, the analysis process of decision making are projected on basis of targets, methods and evaluation; then with the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods and consideration of the features of exponential model, interval ergodic analysis method is proposed and finally established. The evaluation model to be structured on basis of the method gets multiple projects and attributes involved, and conducts ergodic calculation on condition of the given target criteria and certain region of each attribute so as to get the evaluation of the multiple projects accomplished. At last, a case study is provided in order to further elaborate the application of the analysis procedures of decision making and the interval ergodic analysis method in the multi-project and multi-attribute decision making.

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