Ground Wire Effect on Overhead Four-Conductor Nonuniform Transmission Line at High Frequency

Abdelkrim Boudjemaa, Brahim Bennamane, Azzedine Nacer, Tarik B. Berbar, and Slimane Tahi


transmission line modelling, multiconductor transmission line, sag, ground wire, ABCD-matrix, constant propagation


The effect of the ground wire of an overhead multiconductor nonuniform transmission line (MTL) is numerically characterized in the case of four conductors above lossy earth at high frequency over the 1-30MHz ranges. The technique uses the chain ABCD matrix for a multiconductor transmission line. Then the nonuniform MTL can be subdivided into sections of uniform MTL. This technique is used to calculate the power efficiency when the overhead wires have sag with ground wire. A comparison between uniform and nonuniform MTL is made to quantify the effect of the sag. It shows numerically that the ground wire increases significantly the power efficiency of the MTL in all configurations over a large frequency range.

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