Modeling and Control Design of Switched Reluctance Machines using Modelica

Yang Ji and Johann Bals


Switched Reluctance Machine, Modelling, Simulation, Control design


Compared with traditional electric machines, switched reluctance machines exhibit a significant improvement on production, robustness and efficiency. However, some inherent drawbacks of those kinds of machines such as noise and high torque ripple at low speed have to be well managed. In the last years, some dedicated control strategies to overcome the high torque ripple of switched reluctance machines have been proposed, where an accurate mathematical model is often necessary. In this paper, a novel Modelica library for physical modeling of switched reluctance machines is addressed. Both linear and nonlinear models of switched reluctance machines are regarded. By using physical modeling approach with Modelica language, the maximal reuseability, flexibility and range of modelling can be ensured. Furthermore, fundamental control units both for current based controller design and direct torque controller design are also incorporated into the library. The Modelica switched reluctance machine library allows quick virtual prototyping and simulation of a switched reluctance machine with various relevant controller. One application example with a 16 stator 12 rotor poles 4 phase switched reluctance machine is presented to illustrate the use of the developed Modelica switched reluctance machine library.

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