An Improved Shooting Method for Solving TPBVP in Orbit Improvement

Zhiqing Luo, Guangming Dai, Wei Zhan, and Lei Peng


two points boundary value problem, initial value problem, shooting method, orbit improvements


Solving two points bound value problem (TPBVP) is often encountered during the orbit improvements of deep space exploration probe. A lot of method can be used to solve TPBVP, such as shooting method and its variations, multiple shooting method and modified simple shooting method etc. The slow convergence and divergence are the drawback of simple shooting method, and its variations introduce additional calculation and other constraint conditions, which make them more complicated and challenged to use. Orbit improvements are a special class of TPBVP that is difficult or inefficient to be solved by these methods. So, a new shooting method that was designed from the favourable aspects of both the Simple Shooting Method (SSM) and the Modified Simple Shooting Method (MSSM), and can solve orbit improvements correctly and quickly, has been proposed. Compared with other shooting methods, the results show that the improved shooting method proposed in this paper is not only correct and effective, but also faster convergence.

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