Performance Evaluation of Intelligent Management Functionality for Emergency Medical Applications

Marios Logothetis and George Dimitrakopoulos


Future Internet (FI), intelligent, cognitive management, electronic medicine, Network Simulator-2 (NS-2)


Telecommunications and information technology rapidly migrate towards the Future Internet (FI) era, which is characterized by powerful and complex network infrastructures, advanced applications, services and content, efficient power management as well as extensions in the business model. One of the main application areas that find prosper ground in the FI era, is medicine. In particular, latest advances in medical sciences are reflected on their capability to approach previously past-cure diseases, as well as to prevent the appearance and evolution of unpleasant situations. Those advances are often derived from interdisciplinary solutions to complex medical problems, supported by communications and electronics, which target fast, reliable and stable solutions to problems that are demanding in terms of velocity and accuracy. The goal of this paper is to present intelligent, knowledge-based management functionality capable of supporting emergency medical applications. An indicative emergency medical scenario is provided, along with extensive simulation results using the Network Simulator-2 (NS-2), for evaluating the performance of the proposed functionality.

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