Application of Cross TF ε-Filter to Impulse Noise Reduction

Tomomi Abe, Mitsuharu Matsumoto, and Shuji Hashimoto


Time-Frequency ε-filter, Noise reduction, Impulse noise, Nonlinear filter


This paper presents an application of cross TF ε-filter to impulse noise reduction of acoustical signal. Cross TF ε-filter is an improved method of Time-Frequency ε-filter (TF ε-filter). It is already shown that it can reduce not only small stationary noise but also large nonstationary noise. However, the effectiveness for the impulsive noise is not verified. There are unexpected impulsive noise around us and they cause fatal effect for speech recognition system. In this paper, we describe the characteristic of the impulse noise and confirm the effectiveness of the cross TF ε-filter to reduce it. The experimental results show that the cross TF ε-filter can reduce not only succesive noise but also impulse noise.

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