New Techniques used for Designing Improved Nyquist Filters

Alexandra Ligia Balan, Nicolae Dumitru Alexandru, and Sorin Pohoaţă


Filter Design and Structures, Time-Frequency Signal Analysis, Inter-symbol Interference, Error Probability


This paper is focused on the problem of reducing the inter-symbol interference using new techniques to design improved Nyquist filters. We propose new families of Nyquist pulses, which are generated by improved Nyquist filters, and show comparable or better ISI (inter-symbol interference) performance in the presence of sampling errors, as compared with some recently proposed pulses. We study a new family of improved Nyquist filters derived from an ideal staircase frequency characteristic using interpolation with polynomial functions. This paper provides an analysis of the new family of Nyquist pulses performance. The proposed techniques provide flexibility in designing appropriate ISI-free pulse shapes.

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