Hardware Efficient Implementation of Encryption and Key Exchange based on Elliptic Curves

Jilna Payingat, Lalmohan K. Sreekumari, and Deepthi P. Pattathil


Elliptic Curve, Pseudo Random Bit Sequence Generation, FPGA Implementation, Hardware Efficient


A secure communication system contains a symmetric key encryption system, a hash algorithm and a method for providing digital signatures and key exchange using public key cryptography. Implementation of both key exchange and message encryption on a single field programmable gate array (FPGA) is presented in this paper. A novel architecture combining a key exchange algorithm and message encryption based on stream ciphers is proposed using a single module of elliptic curve point multiplication in a time sharing basis. The hardware complexity is reduced using normal basis representation of GF(2m) and projective co-ordinate representation of elliptic curves.

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