Design, Simulation and Prototyping Model of a Miniaturized Bio Energy Generation System

Henry Cabra and Sylvia W. Thomas


Kinetic energy, microturbine, microfluidics, power generation


A bio energy generation system is a novel embedded turbine in a physiological system, which uses circulatory functions to generate energy. An impulse bio millimeter-turbine is the embedded system core, where magnets assembled on top of a rotor produce current in inductor coils formed on the bottom of the cap holder. This paper presents the design, prototype model, and some simulation of a millimeter system that transforms the rotational motion of a turbine into electricity through magnetic induction. We hypothesize that if all pieces of the design are developed and/or covered with biocompatible materials, such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and/or Titanium (Ti), we will have a fully biocompatible system. This miniaturized bio energy generation system has the potential of transforming or replacing parts of systems that have lifetime limitations (e.g. lithium batteries), size restrictions, and compatibility problems. Theoretical calculations demonstrate a capacity of 1.06912 Watt of Power, when a constant inlet pressure of 100 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) is applied.

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