A New Clustering Algorithm for Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks

Ozra Rezvani, Mohammad Hossein Yaghmaee Moghadam, and Seyed Majid Mazinani


Wireless sensor networks, clustering, cluster head, multi-hop, routing


Clustering methods in wireless sensor networks provide an effective way for saving energy and prolonging network lifetime. In networks with multi-hops transmission, the cluster heads near base station are responsible for transmitting its and other cluster heads packets without aggregation. Thus, they consume energy more than other cluster heads. One solution for this problem is using unequal clustering technique in which clusters near base station are smaller than farther clusters. In multi-hops networks, inter-cluster routing is very important in energy consumption. In this paper, a clustering method is proposed for selecting the suitable nodes as the cluster head as well as determining the size of clusters according to residual energy and their cluster heads distance from base station. Furthermore, two inter-cluster routing methods are proposed that cause saving energy in packet sending to the cluster heads. The results of simulations show that the proposed method balances energy consumption in the network and thus prolongs network lifetime.

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