Performance of VoIP in Wireless Networks in Presence of Self Similar Data Traffic

Sayeed Ghani


VoIP, self-similarity, WLAN, multihop networks


Performance of VoIP in wireless networks has been an active area of research. Additionally it has been well established that a number of traffic types present on the Internet are self-similar. Recent research has also indicated that traffic present on the Wireless LAN can also be characterized as self-similar. This paper attempts to analyze the impact of self-similar data traffic on the performance of VoIP traffic in both Wireless LANs as well as wireless multihop networks. The Pareto distribution, which is a popular example of self-similar traffic, has been used. The impact of the Squared Coefficient of Variance and the shape parameter of the Pareto distribution are also analyzed. VoIP jitter and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) along with end-to-end delay and probability of loss are the performance criteria considered in analyzing the VoIP as well as data traffic performance.

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