Multi-Paradigm Methodology and Tool for Real-Time Embedded Control Software Development

Rédha Hamouche, Rémy Kocik, and Yasmina Abdeddaïm


Model-based software design methodology, software development tool, software component paradigm, aspect-oriented paradigm, metamodelling, embedded control software


This paper presents a multi-paradigm methodology and tool for Embedded Control Software (ECS) design. This methodology is based on model-driven development, it defines a common metamodel that unifies the ECS design phases and ensures the consistency of models along the design cycle. The methodology uses two software paradigms: in one side, the software component paradigm that increases models reusability to face the increasing complexity of ECS; in the other side, the aspect-oriented paradigm that allows to model transversal real time properties and support models analysis and validation in the earliest steps of the ECS design cycle. A tool called MoDEST implements this methodology and enables real-time scheduling analysis/simulation and an automatic real-time code generation. It should help designers to choose the best scheduling that preserves the control performance and quality of the designed ECS.

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