Multi-Paradigm Methodology and Tool for Real-Time Embedded Control Software Development

Rédha Hamouche, Rémy Kocik, and Yasmina Abdeddaïm


Modelbased software design methodology, software development tool, software component paradigm, aspectoriented paradigm, metamodelling, embedded control software


This paper presents a multi-paradigm methodology and tool for Embedded Control Software (ECS) design. This methodology is based on model-driven development, it defines a common metamodel that unifies the ECS design phases and ensures the consistency of models along the design cycle. The methodology uses two software paradigms: in one side, the software component paradigm that increases models reusability to face the increasing complexity of ECS; in the other side, the aspect-oriented paradigm that allows to model transversal real time properties and support models analysis and validation in the earliest steps of the ECS design cycle. A tool called MoDEST implements this methodology and enables real-time scheduling analysis/simulation and an automatic real-time code generation. It should help designers to choose the best scheduling that preserves the control performance and quality of the designed ECS.

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