Parametrical Regulation of Economic Growth based on the Jones Endogenous Model

Abdykappar A. Ashimov, Bahyt T. Sultanov, Zheksenbek M. Adilov, Yuriy V. Borovskiy, Dauren K. Suissinbayev, and Askar A. Ashimov


Mathematical modelling, process control, parametrical identification, parametrical regulation


The paper presents results of application of the parametrical regulation theory in the field of economic growth through technological advances on the basis of the Jones endogenous model. We present the results of a solution to the problem of parametrical identification of the considered model. The estimate of weak structural stability of the Jones model in a compact domain of the phase space was obtained. We obtained optimal values (in sense of a criterion characterizing economic growth) of regulated parameters of the model, and the dependence of optimal values of the criterion on two uncontrolled parameters were found.

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