A Cellular Automaton Model for Wireless Sensor Networks

Salimur Choudhury, Kai Salomaa, and Selim G. Akl


Wireless Sensor Network, Cellular Automata, Radius 2 Neighborhood, Coverage , Object Tracking


Increasing the lifetime of a wireless sensor network (WSN) maintaining a substantial amount of coverage is a well studied research problem. A cellular automaton is a biologically inspired model that has widely been used to model different physical systems including wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we present a cellular automaton that tries to optimize the network lifetime and the coverage of a WSN. We consider a radius 2 neighborhood instead of a radius 1 neighborhood and consider different energy levels for different operations of the network. We compare different rules of this model with the rules of the existing model (radius 1 neighborhood). We also simulate this model to solve the object tracking problem in a WSN.

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