Optimization of HV Generator Insulation System based on Electro-Thermal Analysis using FEM

Diako Azizi, Ahmad Gholami, and Mohammad H. Gholami


Electro thermal, field distribution, insulation, winding


A large number of generators failed due to stator winding problems, mainly insulation deterioration. Insulation degradation assessment plays vital role in the asset life management. Electro thermal analysis is the main characteristic for simulation of generator behavior and to improve the design of stator slot’s insulation. Dielectric parameters such as insulation thickness, spacing, material types, geometry of winding and slot are major design consideration. A very powerful method available to analyze electro thermal performance is Finite Element Method (FEM) which is used in this paper. The analysis of various stator coil and slot configurations are used to design the better dielectric system to reduce electrical and thermal stresses in order to increase the power of generator in the same volume of core. These processes of optimization have been done according the proposed algorithm. In this algorithm the technical constraints have been considered. This paper describes the process used to perform classical design and improvement analysis of stator slot’s insulation with respect to objective function and constraints.

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