Auditory Supporting Elaboration Prompts Foster Animation Learning More Efficient than Visually Supporting Elaboration Prompts

Yu-Fang Yeh


Elaboration support, Animation learning, Interaction, Data structures


Prompting learners to elaborate is considered to be an effective instructional strategy to promote constructive learning. However, in educational literature, very few detailed guides available on the design of elaboration prompts for animation learning. This study, therefore, attempt to address the issue of how best to support students elaborating educational animations. For the research purpose, we designed three types of elaboration prompts and compared their effects to animation learning effectiveness and efficiency as well as elaboration skills development. Participants were 121 sophomore students of the department of Information Engineering of a university of technology in Taiwan. The participants were randomly assigned into four elaboration support conditions: No support, Prompts for open elaboration, Prompts with visual supports, and Prompts with auditory supports. The results of ANOVAs showed that prompts with visual supports had the best learning efficiency, and both prompts with visual supports and prompts with auditory supports promoted elaboration skills performance. The results could provide a theoretical basis for elaboration prompt design in animation learning environments.

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