Designing XML Schema of a Competence Structure from Course Intended Learning Outcomes

Athitaya Nitchot, Lester Gilbert, and Gary B. Wills


Competency Model, Competence Structure, Web-based Education, Semantic Web


In a traditional classroom the intended learning outcomes have been formed according to the scope of the learning and teaching aims and also based on the structure of course program. It indicates what the learners will learn and the knowledge they will obtain at the end of the course of study. Over the past few years the trend towards a Web-based instructional system has been introduced to the learning and teaching environment. Currently there are many learning materials which are found on the Web. However, this can make it difficult for learners to choose the right study materials which would match with what learners have already learnt and what they would like to know. In this research we consider a learner competence which indicates the differing level of intended learning outcomes depending upon the context of the learners’ performance. We propose a competence-based system for recommending study materials from the Web based on the learner’s competences. The design of system is considered from a competence structure and we map it into a form of XML schema. By considering the schema, the system can be modifiable and reusable for other knowledge domains. Hence the system not only identifies the learner’s competence and suggests study material links from the Web but also the developer can design the competence structure and import it into the system for the future use.

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