An Exploratory Study of Mobile Learning based on Qualitative Meta-Analysis

Wen-Hsiung Wu, Chun-Yu Chen, Pai-Lu Wu, Che-Hung Lin, and Sih-Han Huang


Mobile learning, Advanced technology in education and training, Qualitative meta-analysis


This study conducts a systematic review with qualitative meta-analysis in order to generate a clearer profile of using mobile learning for educational purposes. A meta-analysis of the mobile learning literature between 2000 and April 2010 was conducted. In total, 73 studies were chosen for fitting with the inclusion criteria. Overall results indicated four major recurring themes, that were: (1) evaluating the effects of mobile learning, (2) evaluating the influence of leaner characteristics on mobile learning process, (3) investigating the affective domain during mobile learning, and (4) designing the mobile system for learning purposes. The study yielded major contributions to the current literature by categorizing findings by research purposes, learners, courses, methodology, mobile devices and learning outcomes.

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