Accessible and Collaborative Moodle-based Learning Management Environment for Web Users with Varying Degrees of Hearing

Primož Kosec, Matjaž Debevc, Ines Kožuh, Milan Rotovnik, and Andreas Holzinger


Deaf and hard of hearing, sign language video, subtitles, accessibility, learning management system, evaluation


In this paper we present a novel accessible and collaborative Moodle-based system for deaf and hard of hearing web users. The system combines various forms of modalities for interpreting written information as pre-recorded sign language videos with subtitles and audio. Glossary applies the transparent and movable sign language interpreter module. The system provides besides Moodle native textual-oriented communication technologies such as chat and e-mail, a more visual-oriented informative and collaborative mechanisms with the inclusion of a video-based forum and videoconference integrated into the Moodle platform. The system has been validated and evaluated by deaf and hard of hearing persons. Two experiments were conducted where usability of the system was measured, according to the Systems Usability Scale (SUS). Results from the first experiment revealed that the majority of test users with low computer literacy find it difficult to use the system. In the second experiment, the test users were younger having excellent computer literacy; consequently, a significant higher SUS score was obtained.

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