Learning Paths and Online Communities in Educational Processes

Milena Casagranda, Luigi Colazzo, Andrea Molinari, Silvia Purpuri, and Nicola Villa


Online communities, SCORM, learning path


The paper describes the learning process as it is normally implemented through Learning Management systems and, in some cases, through the usage of SCORM packages, compared with the implementation obtainable by using a virtual community system and a specific set of tools that we grouped under the name of “learning path”. Testing large scale implementation of virtual communities systems, we noticed that SCORM editors on one side, and available tools for full-online or blended learning were not sufficiently flexible and reusable as expected, especially in the design phase where the educational designer and/or the teachers are more involved. We therefore decided to overcome some limitations that are specific of SCORM standard and tools, and to create a new service in our platform, a kind of meta-SCORM container, that includes SCORM packages and other learning materials, thus allowing to prepare complex, articulated, ruled-based, multi-path and multi-user learning paths.

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