Links between Technology-based Education and Engineering Education Research - Electric Circuit Theory Case Study

Jerzy Rutkowski and Katarzyna Moscinska


Technology-Based Education, Engineering Education Research, Blooms Taxonomy, Dale’s Cone of Experience


The paper underlines strong links between Engineering Education Research and ICT-Based Education. Relationships between ICT-supported components of a basic engineering course, for both Learning Content and Assessment Program, at the background of two fundamental theories for effective teaching-learning: Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning objectives and Dale’s Cone of learning experiences, are discussed. A course redevelopment, from the traditional model to ICT-supported model is presented on the Electric Circuit Theory case study. Based on the lessons learned, some guidelines are given. No categorical recommendations for best practices are offered, however, the following general conclusion is drawn: if teachers wish to live in a digital world in which today’s students live, then an immediate attention to the conduct of teaching has to be given, such that both students’ and teachers’ expectations are met, i.e. high standards in quality of education are maintained or even improved and “learning is fun” attitude dominate “learning is boring” attitude of students.

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