Can eLearning Provide Tools for Capacity-Building to Improve Performance in the Nonprofit Sector?

Michele T. Cole, Brian J. Garner, and Jo Coldwell


E-learning , blended learning, capacity-building , nonprofit sector


Can E-learning 2.0 provide a platform for improving performance in nonprofit organizations? It is argued that Web 2.0 technologies provide the tools that today’s students rely on in the learning environment. As such they may be the means to attract and retain learners in training and education programs designed to improve performance. E-learning delivered through a blended learning model has proven to be effective in corporate training and higher education. Can the interactive, collaborative model offered in E-learning 2 prove to be as effective? This paper reviews the literature on blended learning and capacity-building as background for a discussion of the potential that e-learning models enhanced by web 2.0 technologies have for expanding access to education and training and facilitating implementation of skills and knowledge gained in the workplace. We suggest that increasing training opportunities for staff and making nonprofit management education more accessible through online programs is not enough to meet the challenge. What is needed at this point is practicable education and training delivered in today’s user’s environment, that is online and “on the go.”

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