Research and Implementation of an Online Experiment System based on the Interaction Mode of the Virtual and Remote Experiments

Xiuling Han, Guang Chen, Zhuzhen Bu, Tianming Tao, and Zhuojun Ren


Online resources sharing, virtual experiment, remote operation, combination and interaction mode


In light of the demands of the computer network experiment and the problems of the laboratory resource shortage, based on .NET framework,using C# programming language, control technology, database technology, virtual simulation technology and remote access control technology, etc., we designed and implemented an online resources sharing experiment system based on the combination and interaction mode of the virtual and remote experiments. It has given full play to the advantages of the virtual - real combination and improved the utilization of the laboratory’s equipment resources. This paper describes in detail the design scheme, implementation technology and application effect of the experiment system. Practical results show that the system is feasible and efficient.

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