Voice-Controlled Typesetting Robot of Alphabets

Hou-Tsan Lee, Chan-Lin Lu, Chi-Wei Chu, Bo-Han Chen, and Tser-Chun Chou


Advanced education in software and hardware, Advanced technology in training and education, Assistant Robot, Voice-controlled, Typesetting


Humanoid robots are moving from the factories into our homes to imitate human actions. Thus, the interaction between users and humanoid robots becomes more and more important in these applications. This work has designed the voice-controlled typesetting robot of alphabet letters which can help those physically disabled to select the alphabet letters they want by voice as well as with the learning of children. A simplified prototype of such design has proposed in this paper. By a proper arrangement of microphone, actuators and mechanism structure, the chosen alphabet letters by voice input can be displayed by typesetting of bricks within a 3X3 grid plate via the operation of a robotic arm. Some experimental result is also given to validate the satisfactory performance.

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