Development of SNS-based Learning Management System based on e-Learning 2.0

Fumihiko Anma and Toshio Okamoto


eLearning2.0, SNS, Learning Management System, Participatory Learning


In this paper, we describe a method for developing a learning management system that encourages learner interaction by "the architecture of participation". "The architecture of participation" describes the nature of systems that are designed for user contribution. We developed a learning management system based on SNS (Social Networking Service). Our system models leaner's knowledge and "participatory attributes". Participatory attributes are computed based on learning activities in our learning management system. Our system also recommends other leaner's blog entries as "sub-contents" based on the learner models. Sub-contents are constructed of user's entries and some comments for these entries. Our aim is that the recommended sub-contents make learners aware, not only of some yet unknown concepts to them, but also of other users. We describe our experimental system.

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