Electrochemical Oxidation of Crystal Violet Dye (Basic Violet 3) using Lead Oxide Electrodes

Indu M. Sasidharan Pillai, Ashok K. Gupta, and Chittaranjan Sahoo


wastewater treatment, electrochemical oxidation, crystal violet, lead oxide electrode


Removal of crystal violet dye from aqueous solution by electrochemical oxidation method using Pb/PbO2 anode and mild steel cathode was studied. The effect of various parameters like concentration of supporting electrolyte, current density, area of electrode, initial dye concentration and pH on the degradation of the dye was studied. The operating condition found was 0.01 M supporting electrolyte concentration, 1.2 mA/cm2 current density and pH 8. Under optimum conditions the colour removal was more than 99% and the COD removal was more than 80%.

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