Information Sources for Developing Oil Sands Plans, Policies and Research

Chris Powter


Land management, Land reclamation, Oil sands, Policy, Planning, Research


There are numerous information sources available to assist industry, government and consultants to develop oil sands plans, policies and research programs. For a variety of reasons, including lack of awareness, lack of access, unpublished work and some attitudes about information “quality”, valuable information is not incorporated into plans, policies or research designs.
Accessing the broadest possible range of information sources, including current and historical information, can help:

• Produce better plans and policies,

• Avoid “re-inventing the wheel”, and

• Focus research on problems identified by industry and regulators.

Government, industry and academia are strongly encouraged to digitize old information to make it more broadly accessible.

Development of a single publicly-accessible, searchable data base of available information would be a useful tool to increase information retrieval and use.

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