The Assessment of the Solar Driven UV/Chlorine Advanced Oxidation Process

Po Yee Chan, Mohamed Gamal El-Din, and James R. Bolton


Solar driven, Advanced oxidation, Free chlorine, Chlorine photolysis


The absorption spectrum of the hypochlorite ion (a component of free chlorine) overlaps the ultraviolet (UV) end of the solar spectrum. This suggests that solar light can possibly initiate the UV/chlorine advanced oxidation process as a replacement for processes driven by UV light from UV lamps. In this study, the solar driven UV/chlorine advanced oxidation process was assessed by the determination of the quantum yield at 303 nm of active chlorine at pH 10 and the measurement of the yield factor. This treatment was successfully applied to the degradation of methylene blue (MB), which is a model compound for organic dyes. Photobleaching MB was observed in bench scale experiments. A future goal of this project is to apply this treatment to cyclohexanoic acid (CHA), which is a model compound of the toxic naphthenic acids found in typical oil sands process water (OSPW).

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