Dissolved Organic Compounds Removal from Oil Sands Process Affected Water by Coagulation/Flocculation

Parastoo Pourrezaei, Przemysław Drzewicz, Yingnan Wang, Mohamed Gamal El-Din, Leonidas A. Perez-Estrada, Jonathan W. Martin, Julie Anderson, Steve Wiseman, Karsten Liber, and John P. Giesy


Coagulation, Flocculation, Oil Sands, Suspended particles, Organic compounds


Coagulation-flocculation was used as a pretreatment for oil sands process affected waters. The main objectives were to remove the suspended and colloidal particles and organic compounds. Aluminum sulfate, ferric sulfate, and ferric chloride were applied as the coagulant. Synthetic organic polymers were also used as flocculants. The results indicated the successfully reduction of the turbidity and decrease it the concentration of the organic compounds

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