Experimental Study of Steam Turbine Blade Performance Operating in Partial Admission

Hyong-Jun Choi, Young-Ha Park, and Soo-Yong Cho


Steam Turbine, surface Pressure, linear Cascade, axial-Type Blade


An experiment was conducted in a linear cascade apparatus having a partial admission region in order to investigate the effect of partial admission on a blade row. The admission region was formed by a spouting nozzle installed at the inlet of the linear cascade apparatus. The tested blade was axial-type and its chord was 200mm. The blades moved along the rotational direction in front of the admission region, and then operating forces and surface pressures on the blades were measured at the steady state. The experiment was conducted at Reynolds number of 3x105 based on the chord. The nozzle flow angle was set to 65° with solidity of 1.38 for performance test at the design point. In addition, flow structures were measured in vertical plane located downstream of the cascade blade. Total pressure losses were compared after moving the cascade along the pitchwise.

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