A Grid-Connected PV System based on the Buck Converter

Joyce O. Gaio, Filipe R. Motta, João P.A. Grastiquini, Fernando L. Tofoli, and Carlos A. Gallo


Harmonic distortion, photovoltaic power systems, solar energy


This paper presents a grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system using the classical dc-dc buck converter, which is responsible for stepping down the resulting voltage from several series-connected panels. Besides, the structure provides high power factor operation by injecting a quasi-sinusoidal current into the grid, with near no displacement in relation to the line voltage at the point of common coupling among the PV system and the loads. A CSI inverter employing thyristors is cascaded with the dc-dc stage so that ac voltage results. The inverter output voltage level is adjusted by using a low frequency transformer, which also provides galvanic isolation. The proposed system is described, as mathematical approach and design guidelines are presented, providing an overview of the topology. An experimental prototype is also implemented, and relevant results to validate the proposal are discussed.

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