TejWell Dam

Tejinder Singh


Sustainable, Power, dam, Hydroelectric, renewable energy, Tejwell


This paper as a solution to world energy needs presents a new type of dam called TejWell dam. The dam takes advantage of Hydraulics principles to achieve operational objectives. This paper provide a theoretically solution invention of this new kind of dam. Calculations of a prototype dam are provided in this paper which provides for calculation of characteristics needed by dam. The calculations describe how the characteristics of vital parts vary with dam’s height and volume. This solution is very much feasible not only on theory and paper but seems practical also. These kinds of dams if built will not cause any ecological disaster. These kinds of dams will also not displace people unlike conventional dams. These dams can be built in sea, rivers, wells, ponds, anywhere where there is water with some depth. So these dams can solve the world energy problem. A theoretical prototype model is calculated in this paper which looks feasible.

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