The Contribution of a PV Inverter in a Microgrid

Anastasia Adamopoulou, Wolf G. Früh, and Maria Samarakou


PV Array, Wind Turbine, Microgrid, Harmonic Distortion, PV cell, SIMULINK


This paper presents the behaviour of microgrids that consist of PV Array (PVA) systems, a storage unit, a wind turbine (WT) and a load. Low voltage (LV) grids are configured as microgrids. In microgrids the most common Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are photovoltaic (PV) array systems and wind turbines. Four different scenarios were developed and simulated in Simulink during this study. The first scenario presents a microgrid with wind turbine (WT), PV array systems with a storage unit and a load, the second microgrid includes the same DER but now the storage units set up a separate unit. PVA systems are connected in microgrids through inverters. The third and fourth scenarios are as the first and second, respectively, but there is only one PVA system. The main conclusions obtain are : the current harmonic distortion increases as the number of PVA systems increase in microgrid, and the reactive power is influenced by the configuration of the microgrid.

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