Air Conditioning Load Control in Residential Feeders under the Presence of Distributed PV Systems

Yahia Baghzouz and Mehdi Etezadi-Amoli


Air conditioning load, photovoltaic systems, peak load shaving, load duration curve, demand side management


This paper analyzes the demand reduction of the air conditioning load on a residential distribution feeder by means of direct load control and the installation of distributed photovoltaic systems. The HVAC load profile is extracted from actual hourly power flows into the feeder during the summer months of a particular year that was selected for this study. The hourly power generation of a certain level of PV penetration is calculated using actual hourly solar irradiance and ambient temperature of the same time period. A simple temperature-dependent direct load control is combined with the expected PV power generation, and their effectiveness in terms of localized peak power and energy demand reduction is presented.

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