Floating Solar Chimney Technology with Multi-Pole Generators

Christos D. Papageorgiou, Sotiris Sotiriou, and Michael Psalidas


Floating Solar Chimney, Doubly fed induction, Synchronous, Multi-pole generators


Floating Solar Chimney (FSC) technology is a low cost alternative technology to solar updraft tower technology which is using concrete solar chimneys. Floating Solar Chimneys are lighter as air fabric structures and can be as high as 700m, giving to their respective power plants efficiency up to 0.85 %. The axial shrouded air turbines of the FSC Power Plants can be connected through proper gear boxes to four-pole to eight-pole doubly fed induction generators, connected though appropriate transformers to the electric grid. Another option, is to connect the air turbines straightforward to multi-pole synchronous generators that will be connected to the electric grid through proper AC to AC converters and electric transformers. FSC technology characteristics in combination with doubly fed induction or multi-pole synchronous generators, leads to the optimum schema in order to convert the maximum of the mechanical energy of the air turbines of the FSC Power Plants to electricity, which is transferred to the electric grid. However in order this to be achieved, special control systems is necessary to be applied to the AC to AC converter.

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