The Economical PQMS Construction Case in the Distribution Power System

Yong-Up Park, Byung-Sung Lee, and Won-Suk Choi


Economical PQMS, Harmonic, IEC 61000 Std.


This paper describes the development & construction case about the distribution power system PQMS (Power quality monitoring system) of KEPCO. Recently, the power quality standard of KOREA has been established based on the IEC Std. By IEC Std., the power quality assessment must be performed in PCC (Point of common coupling). In this case, the utility need to construct the PQMS in PCC of every customer, so PQ meter cost would be very expensive in order to acquire the suitable data. Also the distribution system would be encounter the communication overload problem due to the huge power quality data. Accordingly the utilities could not apply to PQMS in the distribution power system because of the cost and communication problem. In this paper has proposed the economical PQMS which applied to the voltage and current signal wave overlap function. This system has currently constructed in the distribution line entrance of 5 substations. This PQMS acquired data during long period will be used the power quality standard establishment of each regional through the accuracy data acquisition and analysis classified by season, load characteristic, time, etc.

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