A Decaying DC-Offset Filtering Scheme based on the Stationary Wavelet Transform

Adedayo A. Yusuff, Adisa A. Jimoh, and Josiah L. Munda


Decaying DC offset, Stationary wavelet transform, Phasor estimation, Power transmission, Fault diagnosis


This paper presents a novel scheme for removing a decay- ing DC-offset from fault current measurements in a faulted power transmission lines. The technique is based on Stationary Wavelet Transform(SWT). The performance of the scheme on two study cases is investigated; the statistical performance in relation to noise on a hypothetical signal, and a modeled segment of a utility network in South Africa. The result shows that the scheme is robust, and that it can remove any dc-offset even at a noise level of 20 dB. The output of the scheme can be used for fault detection, classification and location.

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