A Marine Electric Propulsion System with Poly-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor under Full and Partial-Phase Operation

Mikhail V. Pronin, Aleksey G. Vorontsov, Grigorii A. Gogolev, and Lidia I. Osipova


Permanent magnet synchronous motor, voltage source inverter, electromagnetic torque, service live, modeling


The electric propulsion system (EPS) comprised multi-channel multistage converter with pulse width DC-DC bidirectional convertor and voltage source inverter (VSI), and also a poly-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (PP PMSM) with trapezoidal back-EMF is considered. Vector control of PP-PMSM is carried out in a VSI stationary reference frame. The analysis of electromechanical processes quality rating is made at full-phase EPS operation mode and under conditions that a part of channels is turned off. At increased frequency of PWM signals process quality is basically defined by scheme topology pulse numbers depended on the number of active channels. The control system allowing for extend a service life of equipment is offered.

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