Consumption of the Electric Energy at Tramway with Resistors and Transistors Control

Jiri Kubín


Tramway, DC motor, resistance equipment, recuperation


In connection with a growth of automobile transport in town agglomeration centres and accompanying growth of emission, it happens, that many cities turn to more ecological mass transport. A streetcar transport has already a longtime tradition in the town Liberec. At present, the current streetcar net is extended and a new track is built to the biggest housing estate in Liberec. After its finishing, there will take place also an enlargement of the tramway park. In terms of cooperation between Technical university in Liberec and Public Transport Company of the cities Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou, we were called in to measure the consumption of a streetcar wagon with a classical equipment and a streetcar wagon with a transistor equipment from the Segelec company. Resulting study will become the basis for quicker exchange, or at least for reconstruction of old wagons for new ones.

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