Application of Wavelet Packets in Power Line Communications

Ehsan Sheybani and Nasser Rashidi


Power line communication, broadband over power line, adaptive wavelets, denoising, impulse noise and spikes


Due to the existing widespread on the power grid infrastructure, high-speed power line communication (PLC), otherwise known as broadband over power line (BPL), promises to serve as the most effective transmission system for supporting many high speed data transmission applications. This technology can transmit an information signal of several hundred megabits per second over the power lines that transport electrical energy. However, background and impulse noise and spikes are among principal impairments in PLC channels. This paper presents a unique adaptive wavelet-based denoising and spike removal technique as a solution to this problem. The technique was applied to artificially generated data and proved to be fast and robust. Moreover, the proposed algorithm is substantially automatic. The performance has been evaluated with a set of synthetic and experimentally recorded signals.

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